Current vibes

Stolen Moments“, the first track of one of the defining album of modern jazz is nothing short of sublime. Can’t believe I just found it..

The whole album…all star cast. I’ll always be fond of Eric Dolphy because of Mingus. Freddie Hubbard my want a proper belting on the Trumpet, he’s your man- check out Mr. Clean. With Bill Evans you always know what you’re gonna get: consistency, proficiency, and a proper jazzy piano. Where did Paul Chambers play again? It’s bothering me. I wanna go with Kind of Blue. Roy Hanes….anyone who’s good enough to drum for Lester Young, “Prez”, is good enough for me. And with Charlie Parker, Bud Powell, Stan Getz..He played with all the greats and never  lost his grace. He was on Thelonious Monk’s “Misterioso”, one of my go-to Monk albums for its album cover and the music.

Nelson arranged all the pieces. Musical brain like Ellington.


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